The Quiet View is tucked away amongst rolling countryside between Canterbury and Dover. It is affiliated to The Quiet Garden Trust and is the home of John and Revd Lizzie Hopthrow who invite those in search of peace or spiritual refreshment to visit the garden.
A variety of shelters is available – stay overnight in the Oasis or Farley Caravans – hold a meeting in the rustic open-sided Shelter which accommodates groups of 30 people with electricity and water laid on – reflect in the Tabernacle, an imaginatively furnished tent set aside for prayer – rest in the Porter’s Lodge, a charming summer house overlooking the labyrinth or be inspired in the yurt, by its awesome beauty and sense of sacredness.

A special feature is the permanent labyrinth at the top of the garden. A meditative walk in a labyrinth mirrors our journey through life. The labyrinth is always available to help those seeking spiritual comfort or enlightenment.

Walk the meandering paths through the garden and discover many hidden areas where you may find peace.

Ample car parking facilities. Please contact us for details of how to book.

Donations are invited for the use of the garden and its facilities