The Fruits of Spiritual and Religious Experiences

A informative and quiet day with MARIANNE RANKIN – Saturday June 8th 10am – 3pm Marianne writes- ‘The spiritual consequences or fruits of Religious and Spiritual Experiences are profound. People are frequently transformed, life is never the same again. Although the intensity of the experience fades, the legacy is almost always one of a less materialistic and more spiritual outlook. ‘ Marianne will consider the effects of such experiences in the lives of Sir Alister Hardy, (marine biologist, founder Religious and Spiritual Experience Research Centre) Ann Weatherall, (psychologist) Dame Cicely Saunders,(modern hospice movement) Edgar Mitchell (astronaut) and Jane Goodall (primatologist and anthropologist). She’ll also speak about how she came to write her book, An Introduction to Religious and Spiritual Experience which describes her fascinating findings from all over the world from past to present. There’ll be time to share your own experiences, questions and silence. Places are limited. £25 - BOOK NOW TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE.