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Release and Receive 
Yoga Nidra and Labyrinth Retreat
Sunday 16th April 2023
with Bernie Barry and Lizzie Hopthrow
10.30 - 3.30

A day for calming the soul and inspiring the heart with gentle yoga and walking the labyrinth. Bernie will open the day with a session of yoga to settle us and open our hearts. Following an introduction to the labyrinth by Lizzie we'll walk the labyrinth to release any sadness, grief or fear we carry within us to receive healing and inspiration. To conclude the day Bernie will lead a relaxing, restorative yoga session followed by a Yoga  Nidra relaxation .Refreshments will be available throughout the day. Please bring a packed lunch. Spaces are limited so please book soon £45  Deposit of £20 reserves a place 

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Upcoming Events

  • A Magical Labyrinth Walk at Dusk
    A Magical Labyrinth Walk at Dusk
    Sat, 31 Oct
    The Quiet View
    31 Oct 2020, 16:30 – 18:30
    The Quiet View, 146 The St, Kingston, Canterbury CT4 6JQ, UK
    31 Oct 2020, 16:30 – 18:30
    The Quiet View, 146 The St, Kingston, Canterbury CT4 6JQ, UK
    We’ll walk in solidarity with the world in crisis remembering the souls we have loved who live in the light of heaven and the saints who have nourished our lives.

A Magical Labyrinth Walk at Dusk

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Saturday 31st October

We’ll walk in solidarity with the world in crisis remembering the souls we have loved who live in the light of heaven and the saints who have nourished our lives.
We gather in the Shelter at 4.30pm  and finish at 6.30pm 
Suggested donation £5
Due to Covid restrictions it is essential to book

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We hope Melinda and Helen will return in Spring 2022!


Melinda, a Kent poet and singer has read at Kent poetry clubs and festivals including Faversham Literary Festival and was poet in residence at Faversham’s Apotheca.  With ‘The Larkbirds’ she has performed in a wide variety of local settings and as an actor Melinda performed in theatre and many BBC Radio plays.

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Lammas Sacred Earth Chants with Naomy Raven

Sunday 8th August 2pm - 5pm

Celebrating the harvest, the bounty we are blessed with from the Earth herself and that which we have cultivated and tended in our lives and has now come to fruition. 

Counting our Blessings and honouring the Earth and our connection to her with songs and chants; sending healing out with our voices, reconnecting us to deeper parts of ourselves and All Our Relations.

An afternoon session of joyful songs and chants with a break for for tea and healthy snacks.

The songs are simple, yet powerful, especially when sung as a group. No experience necessary. 

Suitable for beginners and those with more experience might enjoy adding harmony parts. We will also try some simple rounds. 

We will start with simple warmups for breath, body and voice.

There may be some opportunity to add drums too for some of the songs, so if you have one you are invited to bring it to add to the healing energy. 

We shall sing some of our familiar chants and some celebrating Lammas.

The songs are very meditative and usually felt as nurturing, joyful, uplifting and connective.

Small connective, nurturing group £22



A profound, experiential day with Ruth Morris. This promises to be a fascinating and uplifting time spent experiencing this spiritual tool that comes from within the mystical Judaic tradition and has Universal appeal. Ruth has been teaching the timeless knowledge of Kabbalah for many years and is passionate about sharing the wisdom to help transform the lives of others. The day with include talks, meditations, visualisations and a time of angelic channelling with Gailelaine. £75 includes delicious lunch and all refreshments. For more information and to book please contact Ruth or join Living -Kabbalah, Ruth’s Facebook group. 

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Saturday 10th September 10.30am – 4.30 pm  £50

This innovatory course explores how poets across the ages have sought to understand and evoke the creation and the creative principle itself. 


After considering various scriptural accounts, we shall read and discuss distinctive works by major poets representing the development of thought and feeling about creation and creativity across several centuries. Throughout, we shall be concerned to acknowledge the particular qualities of the poems as well as to appreciate the ideas emerging from them. 

No previous knowledge or study of religion or of poetry is necessary. The only requirements are an open mind and an open heart. 


Peter Brennan is a highly experienced tutor who particularly relishes exploring the practical spiritual implications of the English poetic tradition. Since retiring from his role as Head of English at The Latymer School, Edmonton, Peter has devised over 60 original courses which he has taught for institutions as diverse as City Lit Holborn, Woodbrooke and Swarthmoor Colleges (Quakers) and Finchley Progressive Synagogue. He has studied Kabbalah in the school of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi for nearly 25 years.

REVIEWS for this 5 star course posted by City Lit Students, July 2021:

'Knowledgeable tutor, good at facilitating and enabling all to participate. Introduced poets and writings new to me, facilitated new insights.'

'Brilliant course. As it always is with Peter Brennan. Excellent choice of poems and great group.'

'Peter is a natural teacher, so knowledgeable, so inclusive. The class was sorry it was over!'


Angel's Open Day

Sunday 10th July 2022 11am - 5pm

As we are A Community Retreat Garden we are inviting our local community to come to meet Angel and are offering refreshments all day. If you would like to come – just come!   The Angel Fund is still open if you would like to contribute!



Saturday 17th September  10am – 3.30pm  with artists Debbie and Sue 


An invitation to participate in a day exploring and making healing mandalas.  The process of creating a mandala is a way of exploring one’s inner self, a form of meditation and ultimately leads to a sense of completion, peace and balance.  Teas, coffees and cold drinks will be available throughout the day but you will need to bring a packed lunch with you.  All art materials will be provided however if you wish to bring any art materials of your own that you particularly enjoy using then please feel free to do so.   £25 Please book directly with Sue

Virtual Quiet View

We have been creating videos which we share on YouTube so we can remain connected with you even though we can't hold our regular events due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Rejuvenation of the Labyrinth

Follow the rebirthing of our labyrinth as we ceremoniously take up and burn the old, tired materials and catch a glimpse of its potential for transformation.


Rebirthing the Labyrinth

Come on a journey to the centre of our beautiful rebirthed labyrinth - into the heart of Divine compassion. Walk with us into a feeling of calm and hope - with crystals, rose petals and the crystal harp. Grateful thanks to Kate Marks for permission to use 'A Sacred Voice is Calling Us' from her album 'Circle of Song'.


Taize July 2021

30 inspirational minutes to uplift the soul - join in the simple chants of Taize with words on the screen - see the garden flowers, the icons, the candles and the views - enjoy a short time of renewal. Grateful thanks to the Taize community for permission to use their recordings during the pandemic.

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At One in the Heart of the Quiet View

Journey through the cow parsley in the Thicket Walk to the Heart of the Quiet View with a beautiful chant from Michael Stillman - 'I am one with the heart of the Mother, I am one with Love. I am one with the heart of the Father, I am one with God.'

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A Walk to the Buddha Garden

Come on a short amble past the honeysuckle to the Buddha Garden concluding with a reflection from the Dalai Lama and a beautiful chant. Om tara tutare from Many Ways : One Truth - Miranda Holden and Interfaith Seminary

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Walking the Labyrinth on behalf of all suffering people Good Friday 2020

Soon after sunrise this Good Friday morning, to the sound of bird song, John walked the labyrinth on behalf of all Quiet View supporters and those who are suffering as a result of the coronavirus crisis. We silently pray that all would find the Light shining in the darkness.


The Presence of Angels

We show 2 of our garden sculptures that hold deep spiritual meaning and we hope you will be inspired or comforted. And we play the song 'Angel' by Libera too - beautiful!




Time to relax and restore. Apart from the deep nourishing relaxation and the enjoyment of being bathed in sound, benefits people often experience are increased sense of self awareness, feeling more connected to self and life, feeling cleansed or clearer, reduced stress and anxiety, help with pain control. You may also receive information or insight.
During this sort of sound work, as the brainwaves entrain to a slower rhythm, we enter a state of consciousness akin to meditation where stress hormones lower, blood pressure and heart rate drop and the brain’s sodium and potassium levels can be balanced. In this state, cellular regeneration can occur.
The BAST method of sound bath meditation is designed to help facilitate this very deep relaxed state. People usually find sound an easier way to achieve this state than by meditating.
Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and bottle of water
Booking Essential. We need to confirm a few health and wellness questions on booking. Exchange is £15 (£13 concs)

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Promise of Spring Workshop
Saturday 18th March
12.30pm - 4.30pm

Moving Together through the Year with Nature Collective Kent -  Sliding scale contributions £15 - £50

Please do join us,  Elizabeth Dunn-Lowes and Daniela Szukiel,  if you would like to take time out of your busy lives to nourish yourself and attune to the Earth's changing cycles and, in the container provided by nature's rhythm and by our small collective, connect to your own active imagination, feeling and generativity.  

This worskshop is aimed at therapists and people working in healing professions, but we also welcome our like-minded friends.  For people new to our work we offer an optional initial introductory chat over Zoom. 

Spring evokes the image of seedlings pushing up and out of the earth, we can feel this both in ourselves and in nature. The Earth is reawakening and daylight is increasing. And yet, by this point, traditionally the winter stores would be depleted, and this would be a period of fasting and scarcity.  Facing both outer uncertainties and the inner hungry and vulnerable aspects of ourselves is an important inner journey and the first stage of transformation.  Strength and courage is needed to face our inner shadows and difficulties we may experience in our lives.  Engaging with this gives us active hope as we prepare for and await our personal spring.


Breaking Bread Together

June 10th 11am - 1.30pm  In ceremony we break bread in an inclusive and sacramental way

Based on an idea of Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr and led by Lizzie we will celebrate Nature and Bread as the Body of Christ.
Followed by a Bring and Share Lunch  
Donations Welcome

In the Steps of the Celtic Saints and the Cosmic Christ

Lizzie and John's Pilgrimage to Holy Island , Rosslyn Chapel and Iona

Saturday 14th May 3pm - 5.30pm

Au audio vsual presentation of our discovweries and the sights and sounds that inspired us. Home made tea will be served - Please book with Lizzie - suggested donation £10


Celtic Wheel of the Year Workshop -BREAKING FREE

led by Lizzie Dunn-Lowes and Daniela Szukiel Saturday April 1st 2023
12.30pm - 4.30pm

With the arrival of the Spring Equinox, day and night are of equal length, the Sun is gaining strength. The Earth is turning from the dark depths of winter, it is time for regeneration, buds are bursting, eggs are hatching, the spark of life force is all around, rain and sunshine, gales and high tides.

The month of April starts with April fools day, and represents the child in all its innocence, we are reminded of the obstacles we need to overcome in order to break free, like the chick in the egg.

Cost- £15 - £50 Please get in touch

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