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The Yurt

Our beautiful Yurt has blue painted doors to signify we welcome all who are beyond religion and all who find the One Spirit in any religion. We learned this symbolism from our Berber friend Ishu in Morocco.


As you enter it, you are met with a powerful sacred dynamic which beckons you to let go of all that burdens you. The Yurt has a fully equipped kitchen, adjacent toilet and educational equipment. It is cosy in winter and airy in summer. No matter how hard the wind blows, everyone feels safe in the Yurt.

We offer many spiritual practices which you will find on our Event page under Events and Regular Events

See our Events Page for current programme’

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Cosy wood burning stove

Br Martin from Shantivanam Ashram South India,
teaching Universal Christianity.

The Crown of the Yurt – the ‘Gateway to heaven”

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