Virtual Quiet View

We have been creating videos which we share on YouTube so we can remain connected with you even though we can't hold our regular events due to Covid-19 restrictions.


We have joined with the Taize Community, in the International Month of Prayer for Creation and feel it's really beautiful and worth watching for half an hour!
Of course, it's Christian prayer, yet at the same time we hope many of you may be able to receive the dynamic care, compassion and energy of the Cosmic Christ who is the Source of love for all people and the whole of creation.

Taize Creation October 2020

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Journey through the cow parsley in the Thicket Walk to the Heart of the Quiet View with a beautiful chant from Michael Stillman - 'I am one with the heart of the Mother, I am one with Love. I am one with the heart of the Father, I am one with God.'

At One in the Heart of the Quiet View

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Come on a short amble past the honeysuckle to the Buddha Garden concluding with a reflection from the Dalai Lama and a beautiful chant. Om tara tutare from Many Ways : One Truth - Miranda Holden and Interfaith Seminary

A Walk to the Buddha Garden

Labyrinth in Spring Kent Life.jpeg

Soon after sunrise this Good Friday morning, to the sound of bird song, John walked the labyrinth on behalf of all Quiet View supporters and those who are suffering as a result of the coronavirus crisis. We silently pray that all would find the Light shining in the darkness.

Walking the Labyrinth on behalf of all suffering people Good Friday 2020


We show 2 of our garden sculptures that hold deep spiritual meaning and we hope you will be inspired or comforted. And we play the song 'Angel' by Libera too - beautiful!

The Presence of Angels